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Chironomid Paleoecology: My research involves examining chironomid community structure across multiple Arctic regions. The examination of gradients that influence chironomid diversity and abundances allows for interpretation of past climates.
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Stream Benthos Benthic biomonitoring in Arctic Streams; read more

Larvae were discovered in several lakes; read more

Locations Methods

Kivalliq Region: Approximately the size of Sweden, the Kivalliq represents a large gap in the knowledge of baseline chironomid communities.

Baffin Region: The Baffin Region is undergoing rapid development pressures as well as being the door to scientific research. read more

Paleolimnology The use of sediment cores from lakes across several environmental gradients allows for the examination of environmental change over the last several thousand years.

Benthic Ecology The examination of benthic invertebrates allows for an understanding of biodiversity and ecological thresholds. read more

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